Dear Martin

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Dear Martin

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Dear Martin

It's all about the tension
Torqued just so tight
Your voluptuous curves
Oh, your hollow insight
What you bring to the day
Or awaken in night
Breathing the voodoo fire
On knees childlike

On all of your 21 steps
Reverence so true
That so many left abandoned
To untimely à dieu
With fortified callous
To accomplish in time
Like a high wire stumble
A lone guitarist's crime

Planed by mortals crafted from
Hard hands of God
This wood and metal customed
As a poor man's hot rod
Tuned to the precision of
Tones deemed succinct
With the players from Woody
To Herman Li like elite

Smooth to the touch cradled
Like long lost lovers
Between you and the sound
There can be no other
Stroking strings softly
your grain on my lips
Placing the last puzzle piece
All surrounded by fifths

Leaned in the corner like some
Pear split in half
Your core bares the seeds
Of what keeps me intact
For it is from your release
That i can soon atone
This feeling of guilt
For not leaving you alone
Though there is much achieved
By mastering such art
It is what has always been
Keeping us apart

So remember as I hold you in
My tired arms this time
To just listen to the sound
Of notes singing rhymes


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