Sizzle - Nick Braxton

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Sizzle - Nick Braxton

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Sizzle like blood spilled on scorched earth
a plastic bag firestorm into such
puddles of water
Sizzle like green leaves as tinder and the
hot smoke in your lungs
Sizzle like my toes on the heater,
asleep on the floor
Sizzle like red hot slag or the arc eye, you
with no cover
Sizzle like the forgotten dawn giving way to the
high-noon asphalt, like the throne of Mahuika
and the furnace of Auschwitz
Sizzle like young fingers grabbing for cookies,
the sweet with the sour
Sizzle like the spent casing in a collar or
quick soles on a fire
Sizzle like in the morning when all
marshmallows are gone and the bucket
is empty
Sizzle like the arctic processing of a
once splendid tuber immersed in
rendered insulation
Sizzle like a spark extinguished in flesh,
the fat popped on hands or
oven brushed forearms
Sizzle like the sword of Vulcan plunged
to the depths of Poseidon, formed
by the trials of fire
Sizzle like the hard traveled mind,
rambled and forlorn
Sizzle like the junkie on the corner, the clouds
of napalm and the raining acid
Sizzle like cleaning bricks, like milk in
my krispies, like the noxious fumes of a
garage born Vesuvius shadowed
by trifold poster boards
Sizzle like radiation from the weapons
of Armageddon, like a licked thumb and
finger closing on a wick

-Nick Braxton


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