"Library at Night" - Austin Mitchell

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"Library at Night" - Austin Mitchell

Post  Austin M on Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:08 pm

Library at Night

I suppose with only a hello
I might come off like some drunkard
At a downtown bowling alley bar
Making his vulgar intention
Apparent with a single word

But what if I could just
Show her somehow
Without saying anything at all
Just quietly watch her go

Free diving in the nude
Humanity of all my inner thoughts
Down in the deepest league
of my mind

She will catch a glimpse of this
Flashing reel of cerebral cinema
Watching and finding out that
I once loved her completely
In the truest form possible
That of which exists in some

Black and white memory
That I never actually had
Kept safe from all
The stark realities
That eclipse the lives
Of two strangers

But here tonight
In between these
Narrow and silent stacks
Real love

That wrinkled old whore
Walking under the lamp light
Turning in early for the night
Is nowhere to be found

Austin M

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