Could you love a cat?

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Could you love a cat?

Post  edavila1 on Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:32 pm

Could you love a cat?

Could you really fall in love with a cat?
Come on people, let’s be realistic!
I’m a man, how could I ever be that sensitive?
That kind of crap is for woman and weak guys!

What makes you think that I will put up with it?
All they do is eat, sleep and shit, people!
Do you think that I like it when he rubs against me?
There is nothing but hair all over my clothes!

Isn’t it annoying, when they wake you up?
There he is, on top of me, kneading and purring!
Come on Figaro, what do you want now?
There he is, on the bathroom sink, asking for water again!

What is that? What is he chasing now?
Woman, stop buying him those stupid toys!
He is sleeping in my couch? Are you kidding me?
That’s my couch! The Yankees are on, get out!

What is wrong with this spoiled rotten cat?
He won’t eat unless I shake his dry food feeder!
Now what? You don’t like the color of the water?
Oh! I see! So now the water has to be fresh too!

How come this cat doesn’t sleep at night?
There he is, greeting me at the door again!
What is that bulk under the blankets?
Oh my God! It’s Figaro playing with my feet!

Why does he wants’ to go outside for?
Figaro, you are not a Dog, use your litter box!
Did you say he likes to eat fresh grass?
Come on woman, he is not a horse or a cow!

Where does it end? When does it end?
The older he gets, the worse it gets!
Why is he not purring anymore?
I guess he doesn’t love us anymore!

Why is he walking so funny?
My wife says that he has arthritis!
Why doesn’t he play like he used to?
He seems like he is always tired!

Why is he breathing like that?
The Vet said that he has a lung problem!
It’s been a week, is he getting any better?
I guess this means more money for the Vet!

How come he won’t eat? What’s wrong?
The Vet said that he might be in his last days!
Woman, why are you asking me what to do?
It’s your cat, and your decision, deal with it!

Why is she asking me this question?
It’s not my cat, it’s her cat!
Why should I be part of the decision?
We will get over it, pets come and go!

Ok! What is she texting me now about?
It says: Figaro went to sleep, I’m sorry!
Why sorry? Isn’t that an act of Love?
At least that’s what I hear from all pet lovers!

What would it be like without him around?
I’ll find out tonight when I get home from work!
What? No greeting? Why does that feel so weird?
I forgot that Figaro was put to sleep today!

Why are there so many messages in Facebook?
I see! My wife and daughters told everyone!
Why are they so many pictures of Figaro in Facebook?
My wife and my daughters must be paying tribute!

Should I follow suit, and place a photo of him in my profile?
Maybe I should, that way they won’t think I’m insensitive!
What should I write about him? What can I say?
I should write a nice statement remembering him!

What is that? Why is my face getting wet as I type?
Oh my God! I didn’t realize I would miss him that much!
Why am I having this deep and depressing feeling?
It took me 17 years to realize how much I love this cat!


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