Induction - Nick Braxton

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Induction - Nick Braxton

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I am faith. Listen.
Do you hope for practicality?
Simple sciences need no answers
Wood and nails,
fish, bread and kings, kings and kings.
I know you hope for practicality, but
I am epistemic. Listen children.
Episteme is the game. But because and but because.
But that is what you need, I am what you…

You are a dreamer and I am your poster child,
Please look:
Fish, bread and wine. Wallah!
Everything you need, all answers with a bow.
(sometimes it is a lot easier when things are easy)
Like, if you leave the light on, then you're not alone
I am the light so don’t think. It’s Easy?
Count your blessings one by one,
you see you're not alone. Think.

Genesis, Yin and Yang, Existentialism. Whoa stop!
This is what I am saying
I am not technically technical, savvy or avant-garde
So no, don’t think.
I bare the crown of convention, my burden is necessity and
the millions nurtured.
I am your mother’s milk. I am your because.


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