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Dear Eva - Lauren Ross

Post  Lauren Ross on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:35 am

Dear Eva,

They say write it down,
Let it all out.
But will it come?
Without a doubt!

Don’t think,
Just write.

With pen to paper
The mind flows,
Unconsciously aware.
It knows.

How do you express
Your feelings,
Your thoughts,
To someone who will never hear?

Write is what I did.
Through the anguish and the pain
I wrote to you,
Again and again.

Pen to paper.
My minds outlet,
Without uttering a sound.
All I could hear were tears
Hitting the ground.

With my heart in my hand
I let the love flow.
Whether you’re somehow
Aware of this
I will never know.

Wait, stop,
Don’t block the pain.
Feeling it will help me through
Help me remain sane.

It’s you with whom
I share my heart
It’s safe that way;
Keeps us forever
Never apart.

You, who will never grow
Unknowingly help me to do so.

Paper to pen,
Heart in my hand,
This tool of release
Which I’ll never send.

Folded up,
Kept with the rest,
A lifetime of secrets
To only you I’ve confessed

You’re the safe one you know
Never judge, never interject
Just allow me to continue
To let my heart vent.

So, I thank you for this gift
You’ll never know that you gave.
For so quickly did you go
From the cradle to the grave.


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