Connections are a growing process

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Connections are a growing process

Post  mmenut on Sat Mar 06, 2010 6:35 pm

Becoming a moment in time
Imagining everything seeping into reflections
Where I see myself peering into reality
I don't understand, I can't understand
life merges into an array of intrinsic gems
Blending into each other in kaleidoscopic array
Understanding situations outside of one's control
We are reflections of everyone's concepts of the world
Words spoken softly into a young one's ear
Learning structures built up from language
Each word connecting another word,
Each statement carrying new meaning
Structure of the mind, structure of understanding
Revolving in a sea of mirrors
Ego stretching bonds outside of the world
Bonds like seeds growing in a cycle
Connections of concepts
In the mind of a child, learning the world through words
Then struck down into silence
Without the structures built up from the senses
Built up from simple concepts of connection
Everyone is a point of pressure
Pushing on where no one belongs
No worries, no understanding
Peace of mind, merge on
Feeling sadness and regret
at loss of auditory senses
Now like a child seeking to understand
Relearning how to understand speech with clarity
Venturing outside of limited bonds with the world
Connecting with people by listening
Learning about concepts of intimacy
Connected like warm membranes held in a tight web.

(when I was very little, I started thinking about consciousness and really observing the outside world. This is a process every one goes through. I had a special image of looking into mirrors reflecting me as I grew up. This is about being able to connect with the world through words, but my hearing started to go down at the age of 9 and the past two years have been about relearning the social world by relearning how to hear through cochlear implants)

The way I write tends to be a bit cryptic, so I decided to give an explanation of the circumstances surrounding this poem. Let me know if it helps any.


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