Deep Seas of the Sky

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Deep Seas of the Sky

Post  Lauren Ross on Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:08 am

Deep Seas of the Sky

If there is one thing I absolutely love
It is star gazing and watching meteor showers.
Granted, those showers occur late at night,
It is worth the wait.
Laying on the hard cold ground,
In the prickly green grass
The tickly yet cushioning blades under my legs
And behind my head,
Fill my nose with the Earthy scent
Of a bright summer day.
Staring up at the tar black sky
Speckled by a millions of tiny lights
Like deep sea photophores
Floating, while fixed above my head.
If you are high enough in elevation,
And far enough out of the lights of the city
You can see a milky band stretching across the night sky.
A far off marine snow of Detritus
Feeding the creatures of the deep.
Stare long enough amongst the clouds of disintegrated particles
And soon you will begin to see stars moving,
The bioluminescent bacterial belly of a deep sea creature
Darting away from its predator.
Streaking across the sky
Millions of miles away,
Tens of thousands of feet deep.
A chemical reaction allows us to observe its beauty
A dying star, a darting fish,
In the blackest of black reaches of the Earth and Space.

Lauren Ross

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